Hi, my name is Amanda! Welcome to my website! A bit about me... I grew up in Minnesota and have been a dancer my whole life. I have now lived in Las Vegas for 19 years where I have danced in numerous shows, nightclubs, huge corporate gigs and even a handful of major award shows. I have also traveled the world dancing on cruise ships! Dancing was my life, love and passion but I knew I couldn't perform forever... in fact, about 13 years ago it was keeping me up one night. What was I going to do next with my life? I wanted to have somewhat of a plan before I retired from performing so I wasn't just starting from scratch. The first question I asked myself was, what do I like to do? My answer... I love taking pictures! Well, I could be a photographer, I told myself. Literally that was it!! I had something new to be excited about and it was something I already liked doing and felt like I had an "eye" for it. I saved up my money for a few months and purchased my first real professional camera! I started taking pictures of my entertainment friends to practice and learn. I have no formal training or went to school for photography, I've learned everything I know from trial and error, a few friends who were photographers and YouTube. I've definitely come a long way since I first started and I'm always learning new things and playing with new ideas and continuing to be creative. Within the first year of my photography journey I was asked to be the "in house" photographer for Encore Beach Club at the Encore Hotel on the Las Vegas strip! I did that job for 3 years taking pictures of party goers, celebrities and world known DJ's! It was a lot of fun! I had continued performing as well while I established my "name" and photography. Fast forward to now... I am well rounded in many kinds of photography but my specialty is headshots/portfolio photos for entertainers and models since these worlds collided perfectly for me. Also, more recently I started my own entertainment company in 2020 called 'Pop Up Performers' and welcomed my very first baby girl, Olivia, in June 2022!

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